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Our misión is focused on three general purposes which are established under a main idea of empowerment of women in science. The first one is the clinical intervention that offers neuropsychological services and neurorehabilitation; the second one contemplates training and outreach of neuroscientific contents for health professionals; and the third one is the cross disciplinary research in Neuroscience field.



Our vision is to be a leading society in the study of Neuroscience with special emphasis on diagnosis, evaluation and neurorehabilitation of neuropsychological deficit, as well as cross disciplinary research and project development in collaboration with institutions, universities and associations from the perspective of inclusion and foster the participation of women in science.



  • To promote active involvement of women in scientific work through project development and collaboration.
  • To offer neuropsychological services of diagnoses of cognitive processes such as attention, memory, language, perception and others.
  • To carry out neuropsychological assessments in order to identify cognitive, emotional and behavioral deficit.
  • To provide neurorehabilitation in affected cognitive processes in order to improve quality of life in our patients.
  • To offer training for health and first response professionals in neuroscience topics, as well as for institutions, universities and associations that require it. 
  • To develop and assess projects with the perspective of social impact on vulnerable population.